Basic Consultations
We will read your script and respond within seven days with a minimum, one-hour telephone meeting. Includes story structure, character, and dialogue suggestions, ideas for casting, pitching and marketing, and a realistic appraisal of commercial potential.

We will call you if you live in the United States. Otherwise, telephone charges are your responsibility.  We then mail back the script with written notes and the audio taped consultation, at our expense.

For those not wishing a telephone consultation, additional written notes may be provided.

Continuing coaching on successive drafts can be arranged, right through production.

$400.00 for a treatment, $200.00 to evaluate a concept
Writers sometimes need help evaluating ideas and structure for a treatment (10 - 15 pages double-spaced) or a concept (1-3 pages.) This can allow the writer to address story problems before going to full screenplay.


Fiction /
Non-Fiction manuscripts

$600.00 for manuscripts up to 200 pgs. $100.00 for ea. additional 100 pgs. or portion thereof
We critique manuscripts in all categories. We have numerous contacts in the New York publishing world.  We have experience in the adaptation of novels to film and television. 
Television scripts and projects We evaluate TV scripts for any format, including network sitcoms, series concepts, movie-of-the-week, mini-series, animated series, etc.
Animation scripts and concepts We are expert in the evaluation of stories for animation, with experience at Walt Disney Feature Animation, Turner Animation, Warner Bros. Feature Animation and Fox Animation Studios.
Video games, CD-ROM projects, other media We have consulted on IBM pilot projects for interactive media and can help you design video games, CD-ROM projects, large-format, and other emerging media concepts
We have depth of experience in presenting stories for the stage and in working with playwrights on productions of their work.
Workshops and seminars
Daily rate available on request, plus airfare, hotel, per diem
Christopher Vogler conducts workshops and seminars all over the world and is known as a dynamic, inspiring teacher. Workshops can be designed for any format, including one-hour, three-hour, one, two, or three days, or longer as requested.

Christopher Vogler has conducted workshops in Spain, Italy, Germany, Austria, Denmark, Sweden, and Canada as well as at many locations in the United States.

Corporate workshops
For selected corporations, Storytech and Christopher Vogler will present inspirational workshops on story structure and the Hero's Journey model, which can be a powerful tool for revitalizing a corporate culture. Useful for advertising or any business where creativity is important.

We have delivered a series of workshops for Walt Disney Imagineering that helped focus the leadership during a time of transition. Other workshops have been conducted for Turner Feature Animation, Warner Bros. Feature Animation and producers and writers at ZDF, the German television network. Other clients include Fortune 500 companies, web site design firms, public relations firms and computer game design companies.

  To contact Storytech regarding rates, services or other inquiries, please email Christopher Vogler