The first installment of a new graphic novel by Christopher Vogler in the Japanese "manga" style! In this exciting sequel to Sir Walter Scott's classic adventure novel Ivanhoe, Chris Vogler and illustrator Elmer Damaso spin a totally new tale in which the villain of Ivanhoe is revealed as the secret hero of the story, the undead Templar knight Sir Brian de Bois Guilbert, transformed by a brush with death into Lord Ravenskull, a Shadow Warrior, poised between life and death. Locked in a curse with his beloved Rebecca of York, a healer with great magical powers, he battles all manner of monsters, demons and creatures of the night in his quest to reclaim a mighty talisman from the cruel and dangerous Hassan, Old Man of the Mountain.



JESTER TILL on the Oscar short list for animation!

Chris Vogler's animated feature film JESTER TILL was one of eleven films chosen by the Academy Awards for their short list in the animation category in 2004. It premiered in Munich, Germany, September 20, 2003. Chris wrote the English language screenplay and lyrics for the film which was produced and directed by Eberhard Junkersdorf of Munich Animation Studios.

It was released first in German-speaking countries as Till Eulenspiegel, the name of the beloved trickster, Europe's original class clown who is brought to irreverent life in this international co-production. Chris was delighted to put the principles of his book THE WRITER'S JOURNEY into practice on a major animated feature. The film, made with a mixture of computer and traditional cell animation, adds a comic Hero's Journey adventure to the classic tale of the wily, fun-loving peasant who comes to the big city. Chris went to Munich for the premiere and loved working with the international crew.


Here's one of my favorite images from JESTER TILL, at the moment when the King's little pet Ducky flies out of the dungeon tower. This scene is typical of the artistry and detail that was lavished on this film.