I started STORYTECH to address the needs of writers for professional guidance on their works in progress. As a development executive for a major studio, I learned how difficult it is for writers to get feedback on their submissions. Even if you get an agent and the script is submitted to a studio, the most you are likely to hear is "This doesn't meet our production needs at the moment," or "Babylonian Pictures isn't buying thrillers right now." It was clear that writers need a source of professional evaluation, with deeper analysis and advice on writing skills and marketing from industry professionals.

I also felt that the Hero's Journey pattern that I had been experimenting with at the major studios was an ideal tool for analyzing the stories of consulting clients. Many people expressed the desire to have their work evaluated by the methods described in my book, The Writer's Journey.

Our intention is to provide people with compassionate, supportive critiquing that will guide our clients to maximum success and satisfaction. We supply insider knowledge of story structure, character and marketing from experienced professionals who have been published and produced, and who have worked in story development at the highest levels.

Hollywood and the publishing industry are difficult to access and we want to make that a little easier.


I've started an archive to inspire some discussion about the Hero's Journey concept, at http://www.chrisvogler.wordpress.com/.