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Message from Chris Vogler:

Hello, fellow seekers. I've had a good run lately, consulting on major movie projects including BEOWULF, THE SPIDERWICK CHRONICLES, I AM LEGEND, HANCOCK, 10,000 B.C., Helen Hunt's directorial debut, THEN SHE FOUND ME, and Darren Aronofsky's latest film, THE WRESTLER.  We are in the process of upgrading this site and I hope you'll enjoy some of the new features, including this convenient outline of the Hero's Journey and the major archetypes of characters.

The new 3rd Edition of THE WRITER'S JOURNEY is now available in bookstores everywhere, and on the Web at Amazon.com, BarnesandNoble.com, etc.  THE WRITER'S JOURNEY has become one of the essential texts for screenwriters, novelists, and artists of all kinds who want to harness the power of myth.   Inspired by the work of mythologist Joseph Campbell, THE WRITER'S JOURNEY explores how the ancient patterns and wisdom of world myths still have value for writers as a guideline to structure and a source of creative inspiration.


WHY A THIRD EDITION?  Chris Vogler, author of THE WRITER'S JOURNEY and one of Hollywood's top story consultants, felt the time was right to revise and expand this landmark book, adding new chapters on fundamental dramatic principles such as Polarity and Catharsis.   In his years of working on Hollywood films as varied as THE LION KING and FIGHT CLUB, and in lecturing and working on films around the world, he has acquired a vast store of knowledge about the deep inner structure of stories.  


"I have developed a lot of new ideas and principles in my teaching that I wanted to share with a larger audience," Vogler says.  "I also wanted to enhance the visual look of the book, and commissioned talented artists Michele Montez and Fritz Springmeyer (FIFTY SIMPLE THINGS KIDS CAN DO TO SAVE THE EARTH) to create new illustrations."


Among the new features in the 3rd Edition are:  


A new chapter on "the wisdom of the body", detailing how the organs of the body are involved in creating the dramatic experience, and how writers can tap their power.

A revised chapter on the Star Wars series, analyzing the films as an exploration of father-son relationships.


A new section on the archetype of the Ally, the hero's archetypal companion and sounding board.


A new chapter on Polarity, the engine of conflict.


A new chapter on Catharsis, the aim of drama since the days of Aristotle.


A new chapter on the idea that stories are almost alive, participating in the creation of a dramatic experience by providing metaphors to challenge our behavior.


The new version of THE WRITER'S JOURNEY, updated and expanded, will continue to be one of the most useful handbooks for writers and an eye-opening guide for anyone who loves movies and stories and wants to know why they are so powerful.


Vogler's ideas have been a major influence on Hollywood thinking and he is regularly consulted by major studios on projects like I AM LEGEND, 10,000 B.C., and BEOWULF.